About Us


Our Siberian kittens are purebred - perfect for the cat lover who suffers with asthma or allergies.   In addition, Siberians have fabulous personalities!


 Our cattery is small - we have two queens, Jilly and Saffron whom we just adore!    

Our kittens are born and raised among our family - so by the time they are ready to go to your home, they are well socialized with kids and dogs!  


We LOVE Siberians - come for a visit, we are sure you will fall in love with them too!

This is my husband here - he wasn't a cat lover until he met our two Siberians.  You can feel the love here :)

About Siberians

Allergies and Asthma

We first fell in love with Siberians because they have beautiful coats and  a low allergen level.  Our kids have allergies and do not react to our Siberian cats or their kittens.

Our queens and kittens are raised among our family and are loved until its time for them to go to their forever family.  We understand those who are opposed to breeding and we respect those opinions.  If you are able to provide a forever home for a cat or kitten from a shelter, we completely support that.  Our purpose is to assist cat lovers whose allergic reactions prevent them from having a furry friend around. A Siberian kitten may be their only hope! 

Studies have shown that 80% of  people with cat allergies have little or no reaction to the Siberian  breed. The people that fall in the 20% range that do have an allergic  reaction are usually those with severe allergies to cats and those with  complications to asthma.  The Siberian Cat produces lower levels of Fel D1  and, therefore, may  provoke less allergic reactions than most other  cats. Therefore, they  can have hypo-allergenic qualities.

There  is no way of  definitive testing to know if your allergies will tolerate  a Siberian  Cat. The only way to know whether your system will tolerate a  Siberians  is to spend some time in a home which has an adult Siberian.  If you wish to come to our home to visit our Siberian queens, please email us to schedule a visit. 


It was a bonus that Siberians have wonderful personalities.  It is true, some are more lap-cats and some are more adventurous - some are shy and some are the center of attention.  However, they all tend to be loving and friendly.  You can even teach your Siberian tricks! 

Here are the characteristics of the Siberian cat breed.  The scale is between 1 and 10. A rating of 1 means the animal has the  lowest amount of the feature and 10 means they have the most.  :

  • Activity - 6
  • Playfulness - 8
  • Attention - 5
  • Affection - 7
  • Communication - 3
  • Health - 9
  • Grooming - 3
  • Children - 8
  • Pets - 8 


Socialization is an important part of your kittens life from two weeks until they are ready to go to their forever home.  This encourages bonding and creates people-friendly family members!  

Our family spends a lot of time socializing our kittens, including our kids and two dogs.  Our kittens will be ready to go to their new forever home at around 10-12 weeks. 

We will give more details about each kittens personalities when you come to our home to visit them. 

We encourage visits for those who are interested in a Siberian.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our updates and let us know if you would like to come by!  

Bonding in your home

  Once you have your new furry family member home, you assume the parental role.  Here are some tips:

  • Handle the kitten often for at least 5 minutes at a time.  Pet the kitten often, which will keep him socialized. Pick your kitten up frequently, give him a kiss and set him back down which will give him security that he can be both loved and free.
  • Allow the kitten to climb and play on you, which teaches the kitten that you are a source of fun and safety.
  • Use your voice to teach the kitten right and wrong. Firmly say 'No' when biting, wandering into dangerous territory or playing too rough.  Redirect and teach appropriate play.
  • Inspect your kitten's body.  Massage your kittens paws - this will make clipping their nails a more pleasant  experience.


  • Don't let your kittens bite your hands or feet.  This can create a bad habit and will encourage biting when you are not playing with them!
  • Play often but keep in mind, kittens have a short attention span.  They tire quickly and will need to rest.
  • Be patient - it can take awhile to get to know him and for him to know you!

How to purchase a kitten



Follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/castlerocksiberians

Contact us

Send us an email or a private message on messenger if you would like to get on our contact list. Send your preference in a kitten such as gender or color.  We welcome visits to test allergies!

Schedule a visit

If you would like to see if you or your family members react to our kittens, let us know and we will schedule a time for you to come to visit!

Put a hold on a kitten

We will contact those on our wait-list (see below) when our kittens are 4-6 weeks old to schedule a visit in our home.  We will then take a $200 deposit (refundable) to reserve a kitten.  The remaining will be due when you take your kitten home.  If you change your mind, your deposit is refundable!

Cost of our kittens

Our pure-bred Siberian kittens start at $1400(for most).  We will begin breeding color points at the end of 2019 and they will start at $1600. 

You will receive your registration once you provide proof of alteration. 

Out of state delivery

We are happy to deliver your kitten if you are out of state.  We will fly with your kitten (in the cabin). The cost is dependent on flight costs/times.


I have a contact list and I don’t take a deposit until you reserve a kitten.  Please email or message me me with your preferences (color, sex, etc) and I will add you to my list! 


*My breeding partner has the first pick of every litter.

* I may keep a kitten to expand my breeding program.